“A Fates Calling” tells the story of two brothers held prisoner by the King of Westminster; the Warrior Kingdom. After brutally being broken and stripped of their dignity, before the King would let them rot in the dungeons, he gives them an ultimatum forcing them to choose between each other on who will die and who will be set free; who would give their life to save the other. 

“A Fates Calling” takes place at the beginning of the first film of the franchise then cleverly hops to 3 years after the final film of the franchise “The Omega Stone.” “A Fates Calling” is bound to be an epic short film igniting the “Manifest Destiny Franchise”, unlocking your imagination and changing you as a person for good.   

In a time of darkness and deceit the world of Verloren was a land divided. Five clans, five races of man unable to coexist without war or hatred for one another sought refuge. Warriors, Messiahs, Mages, Monks and Assassins all of which were separate clans set out to claim Verloren as their Kingdom. The balance of power between the races deemed too strong, leading to endless cold wars.

After years of war and destruction and the brink of extinction no longer an unimaginable outcome; the leaders of each clan met together in solitude. A meeting attempting to protect the last of their mere existence, a chance to change what seemed destined to be. Knowing there was no attempt for the people of each clan to coexist they divided the land of Verloren amongst them. They declared that no Kingdom’s citizens would be allowed to set foot upon the soils of another Kingdom’s land. Crossing without merit of the King would be a conspiracy of Casus Belle which if un-justified, punishable by death.

So the founding fathers signed their names to a stone which was deemed the Treaty Stone but would come to be known as The Omega Stone, a sign of truce; separating the five clans amongst the land to remain in isolation from one another and to never coexist; an extreme attempt in fear of another world war destroying them all.

Years passed and prosperity grew. However as times became darker secret crossings began to occur and have been continuing to this day.